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Sunday, October 15, 2006

And You'll Like It!

I wrote a piece yesterday based off a comment found at Captain's Quarters. In it I question an attitude I keep stumbling across amongst conservatives. An attitude I can best describe as "You'll do what we say and you'll like it!

It is always a mystery when you write how people perceive your work. You are accused of things you certainly never intended nor wrote for that matter. There was a reason I wrote what I wrote yesterday, let me see if I can explain it a bit more clearly and I'll use the comments to flesh out my thoughts...

I'm going to start with one of my favorite commenters "Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder" who had this to say...
Guys...please tell me you are not thinking about sitting out this election? Doing so would be a HUGE mistake.

Yes...the Republicans are losing touch...but you want to see Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house? You think its bad now? OY!

I say we re-elect them then start a letter writing and email campaign the likes of which havent been seen letting our representatives know what WE THE PEOPLE WANT!

The 10th amendment says it all
Now, I never said I would sit out voting. My take on that is precisely the same as the my take on the second amendment. It is both a right and a privilege, so I never sit out elections. Here's what I wrote...
The "but the (D)'s are worse argument only works when the (D)'s are worse." Do I think the (D)'s are worse? Yes I do. But I'm hard pressed to like the (R)'s and that makes for unpleasant choices when voting.
Unpleasant choices! Yay for voting. As to Pelosi being speaker? Of course I don't want that, and as grateful as I am to Speaker Hastert on border issues were any of you inspired by his reactons on the "Dollar Bill" Jefferson deal? I know I wasn't. So like I said, yes, I want the (R)'s to win, but I'm not inspired.

Syl makes my next point for me...
I'm really wondering who exactly is the dufus here. I think the mistake you are making is assuming all republicans are just as 'conservative' in the same way as you are.,,,and have the same priorities.

If the overarching issue to you is small government, and everything else is secondary, then come out and say it.

I'm a Republican too and the overarching issue to me, now, is the war. If the war is not a priority for you, at least admit it.
Nope, my overarching issue isn't smaller government, rereading the piece several times I don't even know where that comes from. Tell you what I'm not for? I'm not for one issue anything, the war is vitally important, no argument from me on that point. And yes the (D)'s would be much worse no doubt about it, but that's also the problem. As I wrote...
Hmmm, shall I vote for the rather corrupt party of elite asshats who I don't think love this country or her people, or, and this is an exciting change of pace, the mostly corrupt party who doesn't seem to give a fig about the American people or their safety? I'll let you decide which is which. It should be clear from the sharply drawn distinctions! /S
If YOU feel the (R) party is all good, fine, I don't. I think they're about as corrupt as the (D)'s were when they got booted out in ninety four and telling me that I must vote for the less corrupted party doesn't put the wind beneath my wings for some odd reason.

We end with Terrye...
My name is not dufus. It is Terrye.

I was a Democrat for many years and Bush is the first Republican I voted for. I no longer consider myself a Democrat at all.

I voted for him inspite of a lot of people that I don't much like. Now if I can do that then maybe you need to stop calling people on your side of the aisle dufus and give us some reason not to think you are just a big cry baby.
What's particularly fascinating to me is when you consider the denouemont of my piece. Was I railing against a specific policy or prescription?
Those who hold power are constantly under the threat of being corrupted, it is our job to keep a weather eye out and lend a helping hand against this.

Keeping your mouth closed against government corruption committed by your own party is a truly hienous sin, one of the worst in the political realm. You want clean governance?

It starts with you!
I'm complaining about corruption, Randy "Duke" Cunningham, the stupid but injurious Foley scandal, Hastert's support of cronyism in the Jefferson case, and on and on etc. Now, this article could be flipped just as easily to talk about Democrat corruption, because if there is one truly bipartisan issue in Washington that would be corruption.

In the final analysis what I was concerned about was corruption in my party, and the unwillingness to confront it for the purpose of electoral success. If that makes me a cry-baby then so be it. I'm not a utopianist, I'm really not, but I don't have to grin like an idjit when confronted by bad, illegal, immoral actions taken by elected representatives in my party, and even more so the unwillingness to deal with it structurally.

I would like to see the (R)'s with a fire in their belly like in ninety four, a fire in their belly for something other than keeping themselves in office by whatever means possible and enriching themselves at the public trough. If you think the game is winning at any cost?

It's a losing game, just ask the ninety four Democrats.

I appreciate the comments guys thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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