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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Unclear On The Concept

Found in comments @ Captain's Quarters on the subject of the upcoming elections...
For months I have been listening to people on the right like Noonan and Frum talk about how losing might be a good thing. Nonsense, losing is losing, that is all.

One of the biggest problems the Republicans have is that certain people in their own base seem constantly poised for flight.

They need to stop bitching and moaning and whining and realize there are worse things out there than Foley or a guest worker program.

Imagine Bush impeached, Iraq lost beyond all hope fo victory and Pelosi running the House. Any conservative who is willing to sit back and let that happen has no business complaining about anyone else's mistakes.

This is not the time for tantrums.
Look doofus, the reason we're 'constantly poised for a fight' is we perceive our "conservative" government being anything but. Our job isn't to shut up so our elite class can more quickly dissolve our borders or appoint questionable judges, the point of a representative democracy in a republic is to keep a close and watchful eye on our representatives that they may do our will.

This sort of thing scares me more than a little. Yes, I would prefer (R)'s to win this election, but, if they do they should fall on their knees and thank god because they 'deserve' to win like I 'deserve' to get freaky with Inara from Firefly (not that I want to honey, I'm just sayin').

As Glenn Reynolds said "...nobody likes feeling taken for granted, and a lot of people feel that way. The sense is that support for the war is being abused, in order to keep Republican leaders from having to deliver on other promises. As I say, I think the GOP leadership has taken that as far is it will go."

The "but the (D)'s are worse argument only works when the (D)'s are worse." Do I think the (D)'s are worse? Yes I do. But I'm hard pressed to like the (R)'s and that makes for unpleasant choices when voting.

Hmmm, shall I vote for the rather corrupt party of elite asshats who I don't think love this country or her people, or, and this is an exciting change of pace, the mostly corrupt party who doesn't seem to give a fig about the American people or their safety? I'll let you decide which is which. It should be clear from the sharply drawn distinctions! /S

As to tantrums? This argument keeps bobbing to the surface like a dead cadaver, and it stinks just as bad. Tantrum? Is it a tantrum to hold an intervention for a good friend who has become lost to himself through drink or drugs? To confront a good friend who seems to have lost his principles? To have lost his way?

We are not supposed to submit to distasteful actions comitted by our government, even those actions undertaken by our own party. Those who hold power are constantly under the threat of being corrupted, it is our job to keep a weather eye out and lend a helping hand against this.

Keeping your mouth closed against government corruption committed by your own party is a truly hienous sin, one of the worst in the political realm. You want clean governance?

It starts with you!

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