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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Assimilation Is An Unpleasant Requirement

Easily my favorite Liberal blog has to be "The Gun Totin' Liberal." As he likes to say "We may not see eye to eye but we agree on the big stuff." (at least I think he said that)

Anywho, one of the many talented writers over there has a fantastic piece on the costs and necessity of assimilating into a country when you move there.

It's a must read!

And as an extra special Freedom Folks bonus! (not really!) One of his readers is running for president. I have been ruminating lately on how the tubes of the internets will be changing things in the future, this is a fascinating example.

Could there be a day in the future when all you need to run for president is a computer and a broadband connection? Campaign videos on Youtube?

I don't think we've scratched the surface yet on harnessing or leveraging the power of the internet. I've always been fond of the toast "may you live interesting times." I think we lucked out.

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