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Friday, December 08, 2006

A True Waste Of Oxygen...

Source: The Jawa Report
Jason Jones, 21, told police a woman he did not know walked up to him near the United Airlines ticket counter, asked him if he was a Fort Drum solider and, when he responded that he was, spat in his face.

Police searched the airport garage and located a woman fitting the description that Jones provided, who was later identified as Maggi. Police escorted her into the terminal, where Jones identified her as the woman who had spit on him. A second soldier on the scene supported Jones' accusation, police said.

Maggi offered no explanation for her conduct, police said. She could not be reached for comment Thursday night.
Sigh...all the more reason to make sure the adults among us let the troops know as hard and often as we can how much we appreciate them. Oh, and if you see this sort of thing occur may I recommend you beat the ever-lovin' snot out of the douche bag perp?


Bluto has more at the link.

Some ways you can support the troops...

Soldiers' angels

Help US Troops

America Supports You

And really, no kidding, savage beatings should ensue briskly if you see this sort of behavior displayed. I will not tolerate the retarded left attempting to treat our soldiers as they did after Vietnam.

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