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Friday, December 29, 2006

When Lying Liars, Well, Lie!

Source: summitdaily

There appears to be a pattern forming with this, watch closely...
GLENWOOD SPRINGS - An NBC television report on the national debate over illegal immigration aired the day after Christmas is having repercussions in the Roaring Fork Valley. The documentary team headed up by former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw focused on Glenwood Springs contractor Mark Gould and his struggle to fill laborer jobs that he says only Latinos will take.

Gould spoke about his frustration at not being able to hire Americans to do the hand labor required to lay sewer pipe and sidewalks. He said young American men coming out of high school now don't want to start out as ditch diggers for $14 an hour, the current starting wage at Gould Construction.

Without immigrant workers willing to take those jobs - illegal or not - his business would be in deep trouble, he said.
Are you following the narrative thus far? No illegals, anti-American dirt bag alleges he will be out of business, right?

But wait, what's this?
Wednesday Brett Gould's phone was ringing off the hook at the Gould Construction office south of Glenwood Springs. Gould is the director of human resources at Gould Construction.

"By the end of the show I had e-mails, applications for jobs," said Mark Gould from Dallas airport Wednesday afternoon. He was returning from a family vacation over the Christmas holiday.
Gosh, that's just like the Swift plants, you recall, the one where the line was out the door with American citizens hoping to get those jobs, you remember right?

He continues, caution, bone headed alogical statements to follow...
"The hate mail bothered me the most. People want to put their head in the sand about this issue."

During the show, Brett Gould was filmed taking applications from several Latino men and checking their immigration documents. He said the company does everything it can to stay within the law when it comes to hiring.

"We try to not knowingly hire illegal workers," he said in the show.
And yet he does hire illegals...
Also interviewed for the documentary was an Latino worker hired by Gould named Trino. He admitted he was in this country illegally and used a false Social Security number to get the job.

Wednesday Brett Gould terminated Trino and his brother Juan Carlos who had also been hired by the company.

"We had to," he said. "I did not know he was illegal until last night (when the show aired)."
Uh-huh, could be true, could be Mr. Gould is a lying sack of...(potential clue to illegal alien status bolded for your reading pleasure)
Brett Gould said he felt badly about letting them go. "They're darn good workers. They learned fast. They learned English."
Now listen closely as Mr. (anti-American asshat) Gould explains his feelings about the democratic process...
"Everyone we've hired since then is legal," he said. But he said he's lost 10 percent of his workforce. He has no praise for the new law.

"The state legislature reacted to many people's opinion. They don't understand the real problem."
Correct me if I'm mistaken but, isn't "reacting to many people's opinions" nominally a good thing in a democracy?

And I'm a little confused here, didn't the article previously state that Mr. (illegal fellating) Gould was receiving applications and job requests?

He finishes...
Watching the TV show was not comfortable for Mark Gould, but he acknowledged that it's an issue that needs to be discussed more.

"It was hard to watch last night. I didn't feel all warm and fuzzy inside. There's something wrong with the world and we need to fix it. We can't fix it unless we talk about it."
You know he doesn't want to discuss this, he wants to ignore it and he hopes like hell we'll all fall asleep and just forget that he hires illegal aliens. It's this simple, the reason the MSM hates talking about illegal immigration is that they know every time they even mention it it reminds people of our governments preference for non-citizens and their abject failure to even pretend to control our borders.

So by all means let's talk about it Mr. Gould, cuz if we do you lose. That simple.

Yes Mr. Gould there is "something wrong with the world." I would define it as jackass business owners who put their profit margins above the good of their country and their fellow citizens. But that's just me, a chef who's watched his business eaten alive by illegal immigrants and fellow Americans losing jobs to those who aren't even supposed to be here.

I'm sure Mr. (Traitor, son of a bitch) Gould is much smarter than me, after all, he hires illegal aliens, he must be a genius!

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