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Friday, December 29, 2006

The Correct Way To Handle Violent Illegal Aliens

Source: newsvine

Man Dies in Shootout With Calif. Cops

Man? Just to show how lowdown and full of crap our TMM (three monkey media) are, would you refer to a career criminal suspected of shooting cops as a "man?" Yeah, in the bizarroworld of the TMM this makes sense. When they use the term "Man," more often than not it means "illegal alien man but we don't want to tell you that until the second to last paragraph so you might not notice and you can waltz away singing songs and doing dances about how wonderful and minty fresh our invader class is."
LONG BEACH, CALIF. — A man suspected of shooting two police officers during a traffic stop was killed in a wild shootout with police in a strip mall parking lot, authorities said Thursday.

More than 50 shots were fired between Santa Ana police officers and 33-year-old Oscar Gabriel Gallegos on Wednesday, Santa Ana Police Chief Paul Walters said.

Gallegos was a suspect in the Dec. 22 shootings of two Long Beach officers during a traffic stop.

Santa Ana officers went to confront a man believed to be Gallegos, Long Beach Officer Jason Evans said. "As soon as he sees the car with the officers, he starts shooting," Walters said.

The officers got out of their car, took cover and returned fire, police said. Three officers shot at Gallegos, who was hit several times.

Gallegos continued to fire on officers even after he was shot, Walters said. He died of his wounds in the parking lot, police said.

Gallegos was an illegal immigrant who had been deported three times and had a criminal record dating back to 1990, including arrests for drug offenses and assault with a deadly weapon, authorities said.

Officers Abe Yap, 35, and Roy Wade, 39, were shot in their squad car after stopping a car for running a red light. Both are hospitalized in critical but stable condition, Long Beach Police Chief Anthony Batts said.
Well done officers, god willing this "horrible fate" (snicker) will await any jackass who feels he has a god given right to enter this country for the sole purpose of committing crime. I can almost sense the puling in the cheap seats, what? You think I'm unchristian? Uncharitable? Perhaps you should read your bible my leetle fren'. I save my charity for human beings, not cop killing sacks of crap who require terminal ventilation.

As "Cop The Truth" sez..."But here's why I mention this incident: the shooter of the LBPD Officers was Oscar Gabriel Gallegos, 33, an illegal immigrant who had been deported from this country three times and had a criminal history of violence, drug abuse and gang activity dating back some sixteen years!

This is an example of what happens when the U.S. Government refuses to take responsibility for securing our borders and permanently deporting those who are here illegally. A violent felon who repeatedly re-entered the U.S. illegally after being deported, nearly murdered two police officers, and shot at three more before being killed.

My only correction would be to say 'government at all levels' bear the blame. Yes the feds have ultimate responsibility, but so do the communities. Let's try a little thought experiment, shall we?

Your neighbor Suzie asks you to watch her little boy Jeremy for the afternoon, Jeremy is an average child, not a terror but capable of mischief. Suzie Federale is known as the neighborhood whore who drinks way too much and can never make up her mind. You agree and she drops him off before rushing off to meet her Bolivian lover Rudolpho at a sleazy motel in the meatpacking district.

Jeremy is a treat as you spend the afternoon together, you scare up some of your children's old toys and coloring books and laugh and sing the afternoon away. After a couple of hours he begins to grow a little cranky so you suggest he take a nap. He agrees yawning hugely with a cute gap showing between his teeth.

As you carry him up to an unused bedroom upstairs he says he needs to make a 'peepee.' So you quickly veer toward the washroom and deposit him inside, he looks up bashfully and says that he cannot perform with anyone else in the room.

Dutifully you close the door and begin to wait. From inside the washroom you can hear odd sounds, splashing, singing, and some sort of rubbing sound. Finally the door opens and Jeremy emerges covered in shit. The walls of the bathroom are smeared with shit. He has finger painted shit onto every surface imaginable in that small space including himself*.

You clean him up as best you can but don't clean any part of the bathroom.

Upon the mothers return you drag her upstairs to see her sons handiwork. She is mortified of course, you demand she clean it up, she refuses and storms out of the house little Jeremy in tow.

So you wall off the bathroom and never use it again, right?

Local communities are using logic just this specious to void their own responsibilities in this matter. Yes, the Fed is the big Kahuna in immigration matters, however, in our system of governance we have the right to fill the gap when they aren't living up to their responsibilities.

If the Fed won't seal the border then maybe it's time to cut the PC crap and start removing this scum from the streets in any way necesary. Or are we required to die to live up to your little PC, multi-cultural ideals?

Anywho, nice job dropping this sorry sack of crap guys, a boy can only hope this is the fate that awaits those that choose to enter this country illegally and behave in this fashion.

*The "finger painting with shit" incident actually happened at a restaurant I worked at in the eighties. Oddly, we didn't wall off the bathroom, and the next day it was back in service, though it did reek of bleach. I have one other really good story that revolves around fecal matter, but I don't know if I like you enough to share it with you!

H/T cop the truth

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