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Thursday, December 28, 2006

When Liberals Talk II

The hard left often seems puzzled as to why a majority of Americans see them as supercilious smug bastards. This comment was found in a hot steaming pile under this post...
Well it makes perfect sense. Your target audience is redneck hicks. Where are you going to find them? A gun show.
Coupla things, I was taking the author of that piece to task for simply assuming those who attend gun shows are racist bastards. This individual takes that a step further, let me reiterate for those who've yet to enjoy a caffeinated beverage yet today.

This individual feels that when Americans pursue their constitutional rights they are then by definition "redneck hicks." So, when this individual slathers their scrawny tofu eating self with patchouli oil and exercises their first amendment right by protesting that "MCCHIMPY HALLIBURTON BUSHITLER EATS CAT TURDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" One can only assume that they are then, by definition a "redneck hick." Right?

Oh, and the undaunted courage of commenting "anonymously?" Bravo brave soul, we are in awe of you and your tofu munching ways. I think I'll give the last word to Mr. Poopie...

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