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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Jesus F'n Christ!

Arghh! If this doesn't make you see red please do me the courtesy of dropping dead...

Source: FSM
Operation Predator evolved out of ICE's mission to find and deport illegal aliens with the more heinous criminal records. The majority of the arrests under Operation Predator - roughly 85% - involved foreign nationals in this country whose child sex crimes made them targets to be removed from the United States. By matching immigration databases with state Megan's law directories, ICE agents have arrested more than 1,800 registered sex offenders.

Operation Predator began on July 9, 2003, and resulted in 6,085 child predator arrests throughout the country - an average of roughly 250 arrests per month and eight arrests per day. While arrests have been made in every state, the most have occurred in these states: Arizona (207), California (1,578), Florida (255), Illinois (282), Michigan (153), Minnesota (190), New Jersey (423), New York (367), Oregon (148) and Texas (545). However, while Operation Predator is a noble effort, it is making only a small dent in the criminal activity of illegal aliens.
Please read the whole thing and then vote for Tom Tancredo for president.


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