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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Yawn...Enforcement Works

Source: CBS11tv
Farmers Branch Tenants Leaving Their Apartments

FARMERS BRANCH Apartment managers in Farmers Branch say that they are already seeing the effects of the ordinance that will prohibit them from renting to illegal immigrants. Tenants, they say, are moving out, being wooed away by other cities in many cases. Even apartment complex owners are not sure their businesses have a future. "I probably figure a year and a half, and we'll bulldoze it," said Andrew Mongeons on London Villa and Villa Creek Apartments. The city's rental law is not even in effect, yet it weighs heavily on him. "I've already lost probably 10 percent, I guess," he said. "Whatever I lost from this point on, I'll never replace."
Oh! So sympathetic this poor, poor landlord. I think I might cry, except...every nickel he ever made off illegal immigrants was earned by catering to law breakers. He was never entitled to penny one, and his willingness to continue to sell out his country, for money?

Please pardon my French but...FU!

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