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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Border PR?

Source: mysanantonio

I think it's always instructive to hear what those on the scene have to say...
(Border Patrol) Agents on the ground downplayed the role of National Guard even more, saying the move was more effective at improving the government’s image on border security than anything else.

Sure, a few agents were freed up to get back on patrol, but the soldiers’ presence had not much else to do with the decline in arrests, said one agent in the Rio Grande Valley who asked that his name not be used due to fear of upsetting his supervisors.

“I haven’t seen them do anything productive,” the agent said. “Even if they get sent out in the field, they always have to go out with an agent. We all know this has been a PR thing.”

The agent, who said the deployment has been a heavily discussed topic among his peers, said soldiers have told agents that, though bored, they’d much rather volunteer for border assistance than risk being called up to fight in Iraq.
H/T polipundit

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