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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Guard Sits On Hands Again...Invaders Emboldened!

Source: azstarnet

After the AK-47 totin' invaders drove the Guard off their post earlier in the month. Sunday night a group of invaders staged a rock attack. Our response?

Think "puling appeasement and you'll be in the ballpark!
Guard stayed at post in rock attack
Sunday incident is second involving threat to soldiers assisting on border

Armed National Guard soldiers who were attacked with rocks by unknown assailants Sunday night at an observation post south of Sells took cover but did not leave their post, Border Patrol officials said Tuesday. *snip*

No one suffered injuries in the latest encounter either. Two windows were broken in a vacant, parked National Guard vehicle, said Jesús Rodriguez, Border Patrol Tucson Sector spokesman. Officials aren't yet sure if the men were in the United States or Mexico when they threw the rocks, how many there were and if they had any weapons, he said.

The Arizona National Guard will assign an officer to investigate what happened as it does with any incident in which its soldiers faced potential danger, said Maj. Paul Aguirre, a spokesman for the Arizona National Guard. But it's important keep it in context, he said.

"There was nothing more remarkable than a couple of windows being broken out," Aguirre said.
Actually, yes it was. It was an assault on the very idea of American sovereignty. It displayed our institutional weakness for the world to see. Think they didn't notice?

Here's the thing, they may not have retreated, but they also did nothing. I'm supposed to be inspired that they allowed an attack on American soil and did nothing? I continue to be ashamed of my country and our weak willed president. If you support the president I ask you to explain this to me then? This inspires you? This makes you think he's "tough?"

I think he's a pansy ass, typical appeasing politician who's sold his nads to the highest bidder. In this case the highest bidder are those who support and profit from illegal immigration. Disagree? Then explain because I cannot support this president 1% until I understand how this isn't craven cowardice.

Once upon a time we would have sent anyone who came over our border illegally and got rowdy home in a body bag. Now we hand them a delicious cup of hot chocolate and fellate them. And they're supposed to respect us? Our laws? You're dreaming!
Rock throwings are fairly commonplace for Border Patrol agents but Sunday's assault marked the first time it happened to Guardsmen, Rodriguez said. They usually occur in places such as Nogales, Douglas and Naco where steel, landing-mat fences mark the border line. It's rare for a rock throwing to occur in a remote desert area like the one where it took place Sunday night, a few hundred feet north of the border on the Tohono O'odham Reservation south of Sells.
"Rock throwings are fairly commonplace?" Then I have to ask why shooting in response and mines on the border aren't "fairly commonplace?"

Listen for the appeasing weakness...
With as many as 80 entrance-identification teams along the border in visible posts to serve as deterrents, both Aguirre and Rodriguez agreed the assaults will likely continue.

"I think the longer we are involved in the mission there is a greater possibility that incidents like this will take place," Aguirre said.
And that's A-OK? What has to happen exactly before we can respond to this in a way that is more appropriate? Will a Guardsman or another Border Patrol agent have to die? This is a violent and ongoing invasion and our government breezily assures us there's nothing to worry about.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, a LEO on the border is going to be decapitated by a drug cartel employee in the not too distant future, what will be our response then?

"Busboys and gardeners?" "Just good folks lookin' for work?"

As the psycho contingent continues to pour over the border at what point can we begin to defend ourselves? At what point may we treat this as what it really is? A violent and dangerous colonization of the United States by a hostile force.

At what point, exactly? We need to know.

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