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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Addition To The Blogroll

Claimheamh has been added to the blogroll. Which of course means you should never, ever click over and check it out! :P

It appears the name 'Claimheamh' either refers to a big ass sword or a venereal disease, so it's hard to tell what the names' supposed to mean!

In scrolling through his blog I was struck by something he wrote in a piece entitled: Who am I to have a blog?

He writes...

I am not a high ranking member of government, nor a political pundit, I am not a history professor. I’m not the brightest flare in the pack; neither am I the dimmest. I don’t make a lot of money, and I could be called an “expert” in few categories.

What I am is often talked about but rarely heeded - I’m a working class American. I’m one of those “The American people” that somehow is a group well apart from our elected non-elected officials.

And this is exactly, exactly what we need more of, average Americans (who by the way I think are pretty damn smart as a rule) speaking out against the nonsense on stilts that permeates our society.

We have allowed the "experts" to hold sway for quite a while now and I think that experiment has been a miserable failure. I think the time has come for the 'punditocracy' to be challenged by the 'schmoeocracy.'

We couldn't possibly do worse.

As an aside, when I had finished my first manuscript I mentioned that fact to my sister who asked me, and I quote: who are you to write a book?

I've always wondered, because if I asked I'd probably have to punch her and that could be problematic holidays-wise, where exactly she thought authors came from? Harvard? Grown from special gourds? Imported from French Guyana?

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