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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Disturbing Theme

There is a disturbing theme running through the country right now, a disturbing and dangerous theme.

Jake recently posted on the anarchist twits who were allowed to deface the Capitol steps in Washington during last weekend's anti-war protest. Yesterday Maj. Gen. David Rataczak addressed the Arizona Legislature on this month's border incursion and the National Guard's response.

“They did exactly what they were told to do,” said Rataczak, adding that the actions of the soldiers prevented an international incident from occurring.
I beg to differ, Gen. Rataczak. An international incident did occur. Our border was breached by armed criminals who were spotted by our law enforcement and permitted to cross back into Mexico unmolested. Do you really think that this will decrease the chances of it happening again?

What the hell is wrong with us? Since when is it the American way to stand back and let a bunch of stinky protesters spraypaint the steps of the Capitol? Since when is it OK for the police to be ordered to mutely watch the vandals mug for the camera next to their aerosol "expressions," then have to clean up after them to boot?

What message did it send to the criminals who breach our southern border on a regular basis to watch our National Guardsmen "relocate to a nearby site?" I guarantee you it wasn't that it's too dangerous to traverse the border, let's find some other criminal endeavor to occupy our time.

If you happened upon your kid stealing money stashed in your sock drawer, would you step back into the shadows and quietly watch him do it, then expect him to not to do it again? It's absurd.

I don't want protesters to be tear-gassed (well, OK, maybe THESE protesters, just a little!), but it would have been the best response to them breaking through the police line and whipping out their spraypaint.

I don't want shots fired on the border. I do, however, think it's inevitable. It's going to happen. If you think it's avoidable at this point, I have to suggest that you trade in your rose-colored glasses for a pair that's crystal clear.

And the more we "relocate to another site" now, the bigger and uglier it's going to be when the bullets start flying.

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