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Monday, January 29, 2007

What Is The Desperation In The Bush Family...

For illegal immigration? It's like the whole bunch are just truly, madly in love with illegal aliens. Mark Steyn reports from the NRO confab last weekend that Jeb Bush had this to say on the subject...
"...he said illegal immigrants impose no extra costs except in health care and education."
Well gee, those are the two biggies, and yet oddly, right off the cuff I can think of another place illegals impose costs, our legal system. If their not supposed to be here every nickel we spend to catch and incarcerate illegal alien criminals is money stolen directly from our taxes. Not to mention the little detail of Americans suffering rapes, murders and pedophiles and teensy stuff like ID theft from folks who AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE HERE!!! But let's not sweat the details, right?

What is the desperate love affair with our entire elite ruling class and illegal aliens?

Is it their minty freshness?

Do they simply provide the best frothy cappuccino's?

Well, this humble blogger doesn't know, but it's as clear as a bell that our elite haircuts have a serious woody for illegals.

Rich Lowry, a noted supporter of illegal immigration had this to say on the former governor's speech...
Finally, he was utterly comfortable taking on the audience on immigration when it came up during the Q I'm hoping he's a conservative leader for a long time to come.
Oh goody, finally a conservative politician who supports illegal immigration! What a shocking rarity. Who has ever heard of a conservative politician, a Republican supporting illegal immigration? This is all new!

Thank you Jeb Bush for "taking on" conservatives on immigration, I'm sure we rubes need to have it 'splained to us.

Governor Jeb Bush struggles to decide which flag he serves.

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