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Monday, January 29, 2007

Human nature And Biases

In a piece filed today at NRO Andy McCarthy takes a hard shot at Border Patrol agents Ramos Compean. The title of the piece says it all...
The Border-Patrol Two Deserve Jail
I'm not knocking Mr. McCarthy believe it or not, he's one of my favorite writer's at NRO and I respect his opinion deeply. But I did think it was interesting that of two prosecutors I've read on this issue both supported Johnny Sutton in a way that seemed almost reflexive.

Patterico's Ponderings, a blog operated by (I believe) an LA prosecutor also tended to side with Mr. Sutton...Here. With a follow up

I reiterate, I'm not slamming these guys, I just found it interesting that they both fell on the side of the prosecutor, I tend to think it's simple human nature and bias at work. Which isn't to say I think they're wrong.

I don't know for a certainty that the agents aren't guilty. I have seen and heard enough that I have very serious doubts about every aspect of this case, and the way the government handled their case left me with grave doubts about the intent of this prosecution. This president's stubborn refusal to do anything to secure our Southern border, coupled with what I, and many folks feel, is a preference for Mexicans over Americans, and a further preference for cheap labor for his cronies makes us wonder if this prosecution wasn't an attempt to frustrate and weaken Border Patrol agents. After a conviction like this BP agents will be one of two things, more hesitant, or, when force is used more likely to bring in a body instead of a suspect.

I support the agents this far 100%, I would like to see the whole she-bang get a review from an impartial investigator. Because to me something stinks about this prosecution, which is also the conclusion Patterico came to in his review in the second piece, with the caveat: if the points were true, and that's fair.

I wasn't there, you weren't there, we're all trusting someone to tell us the truth. I just hope against hope that the agents will get a fair hearing, though under this administration I won't be holding my breath.

H/T Phil with the bad email address

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