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Monday, January 29, 2007

Fauxtography and Metaphysics

Michael J. Totten has busted another bizarre example of fauxtography at his site. I won't even attempt to explain it to you, I couldn't do it justice...Here.

Whenever I see examples of this I'm reminded of the power of the press. I think "what is really real?" If no one sees something, did it happen? If a bear craps in the woods and no one's there is it still stinky?

Which brings us to another example of this phenomenon. Daniel Pipes recently went to England to debate 'Red Ken', the mayor of London on the subject "clash of civilizations" between the west and Islam.

Melanie Phillips reports that some 150 journalists attended the event expecting Mr. Pipes to receive a thorough spanking from "Red Ken." But that didn't happen, in fact reports indicate that Pipes stomped 'Red Ken' like a red assed babboon.

And then nothing. The British press has of this date printed nothing about the debate and only a small handful of American outlets have printed anything thus far, Mr. Pipes has posted links at his site.

So why won't the press report on this event?

Melanie Phillips sez "It was a defeat for the totalitarian left and a move towards sanity and decency. And that, no doubt, is why it has not been reported."

Seems as likely as any other reason. What I find fascinating is the Orwellian aspect of all this. If the press doesn't report something like this it is left to the blogs to do so, yet if you mention it in polite company that you know of something because you are "on blog time" they will look at you as you believe in black helicopters.

Yet, the only uncensored news that exists is the blogs. I know the first time I was clicking through the links I came across one blogger who had contacted several of the British media outlets and asked why no coverage for the Pipes -- Galloway debate, "not newsworthy" they replied. (and of course I cannot find that link again to save my life!)

Not newsworthy? Really? Then why did 150 journalists sign up and attend? It sounds as if they thought it just might be newsworthy.

The reason the first Matrix movie was so successful was its skillful play on the idea of "what is reality?" The reason #'s two and three bit monkey ass is that they just as quickly dropped that theme and made low rent Superman movies.

The real question these days is "what reality do you subscribe to?"

The old media reality where they decide what you need to know and how much you need to know, then attempt to spoon feed it to you. Or the "blog time" version, where you learn of all these interesting and amazing events the Three Monkey Media can't be bothered to relate.

So, what reality do you subscribe to?

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