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Monday, January 29, 2007

Beyond Parody

This just in from Chris Hodges, Senior Fellow at The Nation Institute and a gibbering loon...(via volokh)
This is the awful paradox of tolerance. There arise moments when those who would destroy the tolerance that makes an open society possible should no longer be tolerated. They must be held accountable by institutions that maintain the free exchange of ideas and liberty.

The radical Christian Right must be forced to include other points of view to counter their hate talk in their own broadcasts, watched by tens of millions of Americans. They must be denied the right to demonize whole segments of American society, saying they are manipulated by Satan and worthy only of conversion or eradication. They must be made to treat their opponents with respect and acknowledge the right of a fair hearing even as they exercise their own freedom to disagree with their opponents.

Passivity in the face of the rise of the Christian Right threatens the democratic state. And the movement has targeted the last remaining obstacles to its systems of indoctrination, mounting a fierce campaign to defeat hate-crime legislation, fearing the courts could apply it to them as they spew hate talk over the radio, television and Internet.
Those damn Christians! I told you they were trouble, did you listen, no!

It is truly beyond parody when a leftist asshat suggests rounding up Christians into reeducation camps and then has the chutzpah to title his piece "American Fascists." And all this after a weekend when the retarded left spray painted graffiti on our nation's capitol!

Is irony truly dead in America? Freedom Folks readers want to know!

H/T Ace

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