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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

But Wait, There's More!

Source: LATimes
Costa Mesa's illegal-immigration crackdown highlights the fears of many

In a city that has clashed loudly and publicly over immigration laws, the arrest of Marcelino Tzir Tzul underscored the worst fears in Costa Mesa's Latino community. The 37-year-old illegal immigrant from Guatemala was picked up for riding his bicycle on the wrong side of the street, brought before a federal agent at the city jail and then shipped to a federal lockup to await his likely deportation. For months, Latino activists had worried that Costa Mesa's decision to become one of the nation's first cities to enforce federal immigration laws would result in people such as Tzir being swept off the streets. "This is exactly what we feared," said Amin David, who heads Los Amigos of Orange County, a Latino advocacy group. But others, including the mayor of Costa Mesa, applaud the crackdown, even if it means that people who have committed minor crimes are caught in the process.
Many? Many who? Many of the newspaper staff perhaps? Who feel that illegal immigrants are "secret Americans" who were magically blown over the border by a tsunami, and that tsunami's name is JUSTICE!! (or retard socialism, you decide)

Okay, I reiterate, illegal aliens have no right to be here. Hence, it is perfectly appropriate to pick an illegal alien up and deport them from this country, no matter what. They don't even have to commit a crime, though conveniently they already have. Don't believe me?

Then feast your eyes...

Photo h/t Toni

Care to make a wager with me as to whether or not these laws have been repealed?

Illegal immigrants have the "right" to be deported for anything after that see "Jake's Ham Sammich Rule."

To wit...
Jake's Ham Sammich Rule: All illegal aliens are entitled to a well prepared and frankly delicious Ham Sammich before we ask them sternly to get the hell out, as always a fizzy soda is optional
Have a nice day!

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