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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Quickie!

Puff -- Puff, just back from an anti-recruiter protest at UIC. I had a bit of a crazy morning as the slugs on Indymedia said it would start around 9 am, when in reality world it started at 11. I suppose this shows what passes for reality amongst our Socialist/Communist brethren.

Of course this left me with time and a hungry belly to fill so I did what any sane person would do...A Greasy Diner Breakfast!

I have some great video which I am slicing and dicing as we speak and before I get back to the editing salt mines I wanted to post something I was supposed to put up yesterday but forgot, I am a bad blogger, bad -- bad -- bad!

Our good blog pal Bucktown Dusty has a new piece up at his place. He takes a look at the "ghetto fabulous" parties held at several colleges Check it out, Dusty does some great writing over there.

Here's a funny photo series from a test video we were shooting last night.

This is MJ before the disaster. The thing behind her is our "greenscreen."

She becomes aware that not all is as it should be, an evil presence is preparing to pounce!


All better!

Who was the author of this wanton destruction? This guy right here. Sure he looks cute but that's just to draw you in so he can smash not terribly expensive lighting and claw you when you least expect it!

Don't let the cuteness deceive ya folks, he's evil, pure frickin evil!

I don't know, you think we should go to full time cat blogging? Our cats are certainly evil enough to qualify for full time surveillance. More in depth photos of pure frickin'

Back to the editing salt mines for me, will have video and more posting later!

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