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Friday, January 05, 2007

My .02

Here's the letter I sent to my new bestest friend Carlos Guerra...
Dear Carlos,

You're kidding right? Are you seriously arguing that since the fence was effective that's why we shouldn't do it? Are you drunk? Is J-school even more of a joke than I previously thought, which would be a challenge as I previously considered it to be of somewhat less worth than a bucket of hot mayonnaise.

As to your cost concerns, tell you what, I'll wager that if we removed every illegal in this country we'd find that a fence, no matter how expensive, paid for itself in rather short order.

As to the "diplomatic impact?" If this will finally get us into the shooting war that Mexico has been aching to have with the US, then any money toward a fence is again, money well spent.

Here's hoping that the IQ fairy leaves something nice for you under your pillow!

All the best,
Now I want to see any you send, please leave any delightful examples in comments. You know how they always suggest you be nice? I wouldn't bother. Best one wins one of our CD's (yes, I realize this could be construed as a punishment!) or maybe a Ramos & Compean thing we're working on, we'll see.

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