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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Our Future?

Source: London Daily Express

As the EU continues to nibble away at the sovereignty and very existence of Europe we read this...
TENS of thousands of new immigrant workers will start flooding into open door Britain from today as Romania and Bulgaria join the European Union.

Bus and plane tickets have sold out as Romanian and Bulgarian workers seek to enrich themselves in the UK.

They now join a tide of low paid workers including Poles, Slovaks, Czechs, Lithuanians, Estonians, Hungarians, Latvians and Slovenians who are already here, enticed by our higher wages, health system and generous benefits.
Now, as our elite haircuts snicker over the ridiculous idea of a North American Union let's take a look at how capable a government is of predicting the future...
Originally, the Home Office predicted only 13,000 would arrive each year when eight former Communist countries joined the European Union 30 months ago.

But it was a gross underestimate. The official tally of arrivals from the former Iron Curtain nations has already risen to a staggering 500,000.
I'm pretty sure this corresponds with Jake's "Their not stupid, their evil" dictum. Yeah, Home Office Brainiac, sure, you just removed your border with a third world country and you expect everybody to stay home? Why? The kicker is that this has to be a lie, much like with our invasion from the south the elites want it to happen and simply cannot admit that fact in public without lynchings.

Here's the thing, most first world governments have bought into the socialist ideals of rich public benefits and a Dolly Parton sized public teat for their citizens to suck on. One problem though, no nation can afford these types of benefits for long, it always becomes a ponzi scheme. And just like a Ponzi scheme they are now attempting to prop it up by bringing in "new" investors.

But, like every other Ponzi scheme it reaches a point where nothing will keep the house of cards in the air, leaving all and sundry with this question "and now what?"

The model for this is the overly generous benefits of the big American auto companies, and how did that work out? Not very well as I recall.

I have said for some time that our government is in open revolt against us, they have made certain decisions they feel are vital, not to our nations survival, but to their survival politically. Instead of trying to find viable ways of reducing these government benefits, they have chosen another way, they have opted to pump up our populations to numbers we neither want nor need, which has been such a winning model for nations like India and China*. And of course added to this is the simple fact that our "New Americans" and "New Brits" are much more likely to drain money from the system rather than pay into it thus proving another Jake dictum that "all government is by definition retarded."

Having been captured by illogical liberalism the first world governments of the world now seek to find the most effective methods for committing societal suicide.

*Before you lay any BS on me about China and India really kicking ass economically these days I have two questions for you. What will happen to these "great economies" when their employees expect decent wages and benefits? And how much of this growth has been supplied to them by countries like America seeking low wages? I suspect, because I am afflicted with common sense that they will slink back down to being economic backwaters again, because it appears that is the natural state for overpopulated regions. Whose number we will be joining in the all too near future. All contrary nonsense from "free trade" true believers to the contrary.

H/T immigration watchdog

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