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Friday, February 23, 2007

The Catholic Church: Getting Skinny For Lawbreakers?

Source: LATimes

I think the Catholic Church is on to something here, you can lose weight, support lawbreakers and finally fit into those chinos you've been dying to wear again?
[Cardinal Roger M. Mahony] said he would travel to Washington in early March to encourage lawmakers to "take active steps" toward immigration reform...

At St. Boniface Catholic Church in Anaheim, Auxiliary Bishop Jaime Soto, a longtime champion of immigrant rights, proposed that parishioners fast to reflect on the problem...

...Soto said he conceived the fast for immigration reform with other Orange County Catholic leaders who shared his concern about immigration issues...

...Soto asked parishioners to fill out cards that will be sent to members of Congress, urging them to enact reforms. The Los Angeles Archdiocese conducted a similar postcard campaign last year. Soto said 15 of Orange County's 60 parishes had asked for the cards in recent weeks.

Soto said that although Orange County was "ground zero" for opponents of immigration reform, he was "hopeful that even people who have trouble with the church's position on immigration might dedicate a day to fasting and come to a new understanding that this can be beneficial for all."
Maybe the next one could be a fast for pedophiles? How about bank robbers? Hey, don't all god's criminals deserve a weight loss program?

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