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Friday, February 23, 2007

Our Diogenes?

Oooh, a literary reference on Freedom Folks? My My, whatever is the world coming to?

Our, by far and away, favorite Liberal blogger has his dander up on the issue of the upcoming amnesty, the reason I love this guy? He lets both sides have it, who both so richly deserve the public drubbing.

My fave...
And, all of the above have no problem with this mass exodus into America; TEN PERCENT of all Mexicans to be exact; now work and/or reside here unlawfully. But why worry? After all, “we can always datamine and wiretap everybody without lawfully executed warrants to figure out if they’re ‘okie-dokie’ once they get here, so where’s the problem?”, they tell themselves. It’s a HUGE problem. And it is irre-frigging-SPONSIBLE! “Suicidal’ also comes to mind, again and again and again when I see this playing out before my eyes.
Read it!

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