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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

You'll Be Shocked To Learn...

Source: NYSUN

That there's not a whisker of daylight showing between any of the leading candidates on the subject of illegal immigration...
Speaking to about 300 community leaders in an area with a large immigrant population [Miami], Mrs. Clinton staked out a centrist position on the hot-button topic [of immigration], saying she supported a "pathway to legalization" for the nation's 11 million to 12 million estimated undocumented immigrants, but only if they waited in line and paid fines. She described her stance as "basically" what the president has proposed.

"I think, on this issue, the president is right," Mrs. Clinton said...*snip*

Mr. Obama has also stood with the president on immigration, championing legislation that passed the Senate with Mr. Bush's support but that stalled in the House.
That's the two Democrat front runners, how about the (R)'s?

John McCain, former war hero and noted fellator of illegals...(from the 'debate' over his "Kill America First Bill)
When Bingaman pointed out the need for prudence in opening the floodgates to unlimited numbers of low-skilled workers, both McCain and Kennedy pulled the race card. McCain's immediate response was to sputter that the "Chamber of Commerce, unions, and Hispanic groups"McCain called it un-American to be selective about whom we let into this country. Yeah, he did. oppose the caps!

What's next--are we going to say work-authorized immigrants are going to have to ride in the back of the bus?

“Why not say to those undocumented workers who are working the jobs that the rest of us refuse, come out from the shadows,” said Arizona Republican John McCain, a key architect of the bill.
We have to know who is coming into this country. We have to be able to identify them and figure out who they are. I do think that with the fence-- the fence honestly has to be a technological fence. The head of my party, the new head, Mel Martinez who is a Senator from Florida, a great guy, he was being interviewed and they asked him about a fence. Do you think a fence should be put up. He said sure. He said except the only people that will pull put it up will be the illegal immigrants. *snip*

And then I think there has to be regularization for the people that are here. There's got to be a program to regularize the people that are here as you establish security at the border. And I would add to many of the proposals-- because there are a number of them in the house, senate and president as put forward. I would add to that at the end of the road if somebody's going to earn citizenship with-- citizenship with whatever other hurdles put in the way, at the end of the road they should be able to speak English, read English and have some knowledge of American history. Particularly if you are going to regularize somebody who in an undocumented status.
I'm not doing Romney as I think he's unserious in any way as a candidate.

So, of the four front runners all support amnesty?

Imagine with me for a moment. Let's imagine an individual that doesn't support amnesty, let's imagine an individual that is, shall we say, less than thrilled with our 'cheerful invaders.' Let's imagine a person who would like to vote for someone who isn't picking Mexico's pubic hair out of their teeth.

Who would that be?

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