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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mmmmmm, How's That Crow Boys?

Source: WND
Border Agent's Attorney Calls for Mistrial

"The prosecutor in the high-profile case that sent border agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean to prison never showed the defense a potentially exculpatory Department of Homeland Security memo. The document, an April 12, 2005, memo by Special Agent Christopher Sanchez, was first made public by WND in a report published Feb. 6. Mary Stillinger, attorney for Ramos, confirmed she learned of the memo from the WND story," Worldnetdaily reports. "Stillinger was not sure whether the prosecution had withheld the Sanchez memo from the defense or whether DHS withheld the memo from the prosecutors. 'It doesn't matter,' Stillinger told WND. 'Either way, prosecutors have to know how serious it is that this memo was withheld from us,' she said. 'If we had this memo, we certainly would have cross-examined Christopher Sanchez and the other Border Patrol agents differently.'"
I ask this question because I'm unsure of the answer: Have any of Johnny Sutton's oh-so-confident statements held up?

H/T Dan Stein

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