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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Stop The Presses!

Source: signsonsandiego

Mexico will be upping the pressure to pass the "Fellate all illegals now!" legislation...
Mexico plans to begin an aggressive lobbying effort in the United States to secure an immigration reform agreement, the country's new ambassador in Washington said Tuesday.

Mexican consulates in the United States will talk with state and federal lawmakers, business chambers, civic organizations and "all actors of U.S. society" who support comprehensive immigration reform, Arturo Sarukhan said.

"There are few matters so important to the future of this country," Sarukhan told reporters in Mexico City before departing for Washington.
Which country is he referring to in the last para? Why Mexicrap of course.

He ends with...
"We are going to put into place the same kind of diplomatic and lobbying effort that we did in the early 1990s when NAFTA was being decided."
That okay with you? A foreign country seeking to influence our politicians to do something not in the interests of this country or her people? How's NAFTA been working out by the by? Seems like that should have a little relevance to this conversation, no?

Mexico will never change until we stop aiding and abetting them and force them to chose a better way, or not, it is after all a sovereign country and they are free to make all the bad choices they want.

We simply shouldn't have to pay for their bad choices.

H/T Lonewacko who has more on the charming Arturo Sarukhan

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