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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Deportations And Raids Don't Work?

Source: Monterey Herald

When federal enforcement officials begin rounding up undocumented immigrants anywhere in the United States, local folks begin to fret. The fretting has begun. Although murmurs of possible raids have begun to fly through the rumor mill, there is no evidence that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has conducted operations in Monterey County or anywhere in the Central Coast. Still, on hearing reports that immigration officials are combing the subway and other public spaces in Los Angeles, people up north are beginning to worry. "People are very scared," said Silvia Huerta, a longtime Salinas activist. "My niece called me to tell me she can't sleep she's so nervous. That hasn't happened here, but we listen to the radio and we hear what's goes on."
Whenever there are any feeble efforts at enforcement we are inundated with these "previously defiant cheerful invaders now require Depends" stories. Yet, at the exact same time we are told that deportations won't help, and furthermore that they won't leave, and neiner -- neiner that is the name of that tune.

Well, which is it? Either the raids have no effect or they do. It appears from these stories that they do, hence we should do a lot more of this and help these folks be reunited with the country of their heart. I cannot say with a certainty what country that is, however I can say with a certainty which country it isn't...America!

Let's help these folks stop living in the shadows, by sending them home.

H/T immigration news daily

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