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Monday, February 19, 2007

American Jihad?

Source: Redstate

Paul Cella has a fantastic take down of a piece in the Wall Street Journal which suggests that Americans have nothing to worry about vis-a-vis homegrown Jihadi's...
This is how a right-wing newspaper and an up-and-coming right-wing writer handle the complicated problem of Islam in America. On the one hand by simply assuming, in a particularly clumsy and unpersuasive way, that there is no “fifth column” threat from Muslims in this country; and on the other hand by formulating the character of American identity is emphatically Liberal terms. *snip*

Since September 11 there have in fact been quite a number of razzias, launched against Americans by jihadists in our midst. Most of them have been forgotten — precisely because remembering them is too distressing. The assumption that there is no fifth column must be maintained: and so these jihadist raids are forgotten. The DC snipers. The El Al ticket counter shooting at LAX. The Seattle Jewish center shooting. The hit-and-run attack by an Iranian student at the University of North Carolina. The grenade attack by a Muslim soldier on the eve of the Iraq war. Razzias, each of them — and perpetrated by members of American Muslim communities. That the press, both right and left, for the most part resolutely refuses to make the connection between these crimes and the doctrine of jihad, does not mean there is no connection, or that it is not evident to the discerning mind. It means only that something prevents the operation of critical intelligence upon this matter. It means only that men cling more tightly to their ideological assumptions than they do to their patriotism. It means only that it is more important to them to think proper thoughts about a sensitive topic, than to think truly. It means, in fine, that they have disabled their reason, in order to accord properly with the prejudices of the age.
Truly outstanding work, read the whole thing.

Though I'm happy to pass this excellent piece of writing along this is not what caught my eye and arrested my gaze. This statement found in the comments below did that...
The current Administration has fought the GWOT valiantly abroad but has been weak and ineffectual at home. In that sense, the Bush Administration simply reflects the denial of opinion-makers they respect.
Valiantly abroad? Really? Would you define valor as allowing the Iranians to kill American soldiers with absolutely no repercussions, valiant? And here I thought I knew what that word meant. But that's living in the age of partisan politics for you, no matter what "my guy" is doing the right thing, which is why Jake plants his flag in no man's land.


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