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Monday, February 19, 2007

The Lies Of The Open Borders Crowd

Open borders lunatics continually assure us that as soon as they've received their goodies, I.E. amnesty, they would stand out of the way of immigration enforcement.

Should we believe them? Especially as it appears their every waking hour is consumed with finding ways to A.) Stock this country with more people who don't belong here, and B.) Whining like little girls with every pitiful attempt the president makes to play at border enforcement.

Cases in point. Mayor Gavin Newsom on the "Return To Sender" raids recently performed by ICE to remove criminal aliens from our midst, mind you, the folks removed had already been convicted and were living as doubly illegal fugitives...
"These raids jeopardize the public health and safety of the city by instilling fear in those who may come forward to report information about a crime or those who are in need of medical treatment. In the future, I urge ICE to take that factor into consideration when deciding to undertake raids across the United States."
If, in Mayor Newsom's fluffy pony world we can't even go after convicted rapists and killers what chance is there he would ever allow mere "out of status" aliens to be deported?

Then there's Sheryl Bergman of the International Institute of San Fran. Sheryl had this to say on a potential bill that would prohibit ICE from doing raids in Redwood City...
"It would help make parents safer when they take their children to school, when they go to the grocery store to buy milk and when they go to their jobs."
Can you imagine the scenario where either of these loons would ever consent to normal immigration enforcement?

It is always vital to remember that the other side is simply desperate for delicious, minty fresh illegal aliens, they will say anything, tell any lie, and watch gleefully as Americans are slaughtered and raped by our cheerful invaders so long as they themselves continue the unrelenting flow.

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