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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Thought For The Day

"[I]t's contempt is so heavy with hate. When it spits on the flag, or tries to piss out the eternal flame, when it hoots at the old farts [military] loping by in their berets, or yells 'Women's Lib!' outside the church, at an old-fashioned wedding (to cite just some basic examples), it does so in such a grim, serious manner—like such 'pompous assholes,' as the Left would put it, if only it could judge. The true Right is never so grim. That's why the Left hates its guts, the way a hangman must hate the victim who laughs and jokes on his way to the gallows. The Left is a conflagration. It devours and consumes in deadly dull earnest. . . ."

Every so often their is a book or movie that one keeps bumping into everywhere one turns, this book is like that, I think I need to read it.

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