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Thursday, February 22, 2007


Source: NBC San
San Diego — County Supervisor Bill Horn released some early numbers about county tax dollars spent on undocumented immigrants Tuesday in his State of the North County speech.

Horn said there needs to be a better accounting of where the money goes so that it is spent in the county and not in Mexico.

‘We really are being crushed by lives lost, people victimized and enormous costs by the stampede of illegal aliens across our border and we really do call it a stampede,’ Horn said.

Horn said in December, $2 million in benefits were paid by the county to support citizen children with at least one undocumented parent in the home.

Horn also said he’s working with Rep. Brian Bilbray to find ways to insure taxpayers are ‘not rewarding’ undocumented immigrants.
If only there were some way to know how much tax money goes to support illegal aliens who should not be in this country in the first place. But I suppose that's a mystery beyond the ken of mortal man.

H/T immigration watchdog

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