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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Found In Comments

Chris dropped this gem beneath this post....
I don't know, Hannitized, it sounds as if your perspective on this topic is quite racist itself. I.e., you say that the members of one race (whites) have an obligation to give special treatment to the members of another race (Hispanics, setting aside that the latter is normally considered an ethnicity), *not* because of anything that the members of the former group have done to the latter, but what long-deceased members of the former did to long-deceased members of the latter many generations ago. As if sins committed by members of a given race are both transmitted to all other members of that race, even regardless of actual descendancy, and transmitted indefinitely through time. Likewise, those who are sinned against indefinitely perpetuate a debt they are owed to all other members of that race until that debt is paid. Isn't that what you are saying? Sounds pretty religious.
Good stuff!