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Friday, February 23, 2007


In a recent posting I said..."I think we're past 'deterring.' A couple of bodies hung over the shiny new border fence would provide a much more robust 'deterrent,' I should think."

To which our shiny new Troll responded..."Anybody else on board with this lunacy? Anybody else got the balls to catagorize themselves in this loony bin?"

I wonder if anyone else in the whole wide world has ever expressed a comparable opinion?
Illegal Immigrants Must Die!

Sound a bit harsh? I think not. A criminal--and that's what an illegal immigrant is, throwing in with other criminals--smugglers, drug dealers, or terrorists, is no one's responsibility but his own. No one made him come illegally into America. He came of his own free will, knowing the risk. I say, let him die where he falls. Let the buzzards eat his body.

Two surviving criminal immigrants of the five that were shot by other criminals were taken to a Pima County hospital in southern Arizona, according to an AFP report, (February 8.) A Tucson report (NEWS4) says three were wounded, and one died. There have been other such shootings.

If they take the risk of committing an illegal act, and associate themselves with the underworld, then when they happen to get shot here in America, they do not deserve to be taken to an American hospital. They should be left where they fall. It is no one's fault but their own. That would compassionate, and just. If no illegal assistance were given them, others would not be encouraged to take the same risks. That would be compassionate. If they were left to die where they fell, they would only be paying the price they agreed on--by circumstantial association. That would be justice.

Dr. David Yeagley
Let the repudiations begin! Please share in comments the horror you felt and the copious, piteous tears you shed after reading my, and Dr. David Yeagley's...lunacy.

Good thing he didn't read...this! (dum-dum-dum!)(I await the bitter recriminations and accusations with a frission of pleasure)(Oh, and Hannitized? The term 'racist' is so very debased by retarded folks like yourself that it actually functions as a sort of de facto compliment these days, I realize that you think it's some sort of devastating rebuttal, but sadly no, it simply illustrates your hard left, infantile foolishness and moral equivocation better than anything else I can think of.)

Come on folks, I await your repudiation! Embrace the horror that is Freedom Folks!

H/T KD on the Yeagley link

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