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Friday, February 23, 2007

The (retarded) Conservative Solution To Illegal Immigration?

Source: NRO

Another "Conservative" chimes in helpfully. Tom Nugent, presumably no relation to Ted Nugent, writes a piece comparing our illegal immigration woes to the movie Terminal with Ton Hanks. After a number of inapt, bordering on embarrassing suggestions he ends with...
It’s a Mexican problem. It is Mexico that should be erecting exit barriers across its northern border. And it is the U.S. that should be charging the Mexican government a fee to help defray the costs of supporting the aliens that make it here. Voters here would welcome such solutions since they do not demean the illegal aliens in this country, or deplete their living standards, or increase their living costs. We are, at the end of the day, a caring people.

But Mexico itself needs an incentive. As we attempt to negotiate with North Korea and Iran over the spread of nuclear weapons, and appear willing to douse these fires with financial aid, we should also be willing to offer some financial incentives that will get the Mexican government to take action. Whether that action is the creation of more job opportunities in Mexico, the establishment of new educational facilities for younger Mexicans who are trying to make a life for their families, or simply the implementation of a larger social safety net that squelches the impulse toward exodus, U.S. politicians should make every effort to give the Mexican government a good reason to act.
I'm sorry, did I miss a memo? Perhaps the one suggesting that Mexico was now a US possession?

Turns out Mr. Nugent that Mexico is a by god nation with all the rights and responsibilities that go along with that appellation. So to be completely clear, our neighbor to the south excels at making poor choices both politically and economically, hence it somehow becomes our problem that they appear incapable of moving beyond the deeply embedded corruption that has defined that failed state, so the solution is to pour money into a country known the worldwide for it's corruption?

Ex-squeeze me?

This guy must have a degree in accounting from the "Klown Kollege Of Akkountancy" if he thinks this wouldn't be the very definition of "throwing good money after bad."

You think he recalls the major aid package we swung Mexico in the nineties? How about the billions crossing our border via remittances from illegal aliens every year? How much change is that bringing? Um, none.

So, in the true spirit of idiocy our clear response must be to pretend that we somehow "owe" them and spend billions of American tax dollars fixing a country that ISN'T OUR GODDAMN PROBLEM IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

Have I ever mentioned my immense relief that I never subjected myself to an institution of higher drinking?

Mexico must feel the pain of her poor choices, so long as we act as willing enablers of every facet of that failed society nothing will ever change, nothing. It is axiomatic.

Until they let go of the 'socialism lite' that infects them and the nonsensical "national pride" that hobbles them they will remain the little economic joke that couldn't.

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