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Monday, February 12, 2007

Post America?

Source: the blotter

We like to keep our readers abreast of those areas of the country that have quietly seceded from American control and simply neglected to issue a communique to that effect. Miami appears to be a prime candidate. A recruiting ad for the Border Patrol to air during the Superbowl was nixed, any guess why?

Read on Grasshopper, read on...
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which oversees the Border Patrol, had offered to pay for the advertisment [in the Super Bowl program], which was part of a campaign to boost the number of agents by 18,000. But money wasn’t the issue, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told ABC News.

The ad “was specific to border patrol and mentioned terro rists,” he said. “The game was in Miami, where [immigration] is a sensitive political issue…[it] made us a little bit uncomfortable.”…

The league told DHS it would be willing to run a more generic recruiting ad but never received a response to the offer.
Our southern border and terrorism? Now why does that ring a bell?

Miami, something niggling my hindbrain there as well.

Ah well, it'll come to me.

H/T Hot Air

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