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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

1,000,000% Preventable!

Source: CBSnews

Jesus F'in Christ!
Immigrant Kills Accuser In Rape Case

(AP) A man charged with raping a woman in 2005 is now accused of killing her by slashing her throat because she had agreed to testify against him. Natasha Ramen, 20, was attacked Thursday just outside her home in Queens, suffering a "very deep wound, almost from ear to ear," said police Lt. Salvatore Salerno. "It was very brutal." Hemant Megnath, 29, a fellow Guyanese immigrant, was arrested Tuesday on charges of murder and criminal possession of a weapon. Authorities said he was working for a real estate broker and she met him while apartment hunting. In May 2005, he lured her into his apartment and raped her, according to authorities.
Say it with me boys and girls...Import savages and get?

And what the hell, let's ask the painfully, brutally obvious question here...Why was this POS allowed to still be here? I would further wonder why he's allowed to sully the air we must all breathe, but that is a separate issue.

Your "New Americans" folks! Ain't they special?

H/T immigration news daily

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