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Saturday, March 24, 2007

"All Americans?"

If you've ever read this blog you will be well aware that I have a soft spot for idiots. In fact I find them rather entertaining in a "pulling the wings off bugs" sort of way. This quote comes from a "presidential" healthcare forum held in Las Vegas earlier today. It appears that only Democrat candidates attended.

I don't know nor particularly care who 'Berger' is, I only care that it had this to say on the subject of sugary healthcare ponies for illegal immigrants, Lonewacko reports...
On the question of healthcare for illegal immigrants, Berger noted that the position of SEIU was that people should come out of the shadows and that all Americans -- all Americans -- need to be covered.
Now here is a place I can give Hannitized props believe it or not! Whether or not you agree with him, and I certainly don't, he is at the very least willing to place the word illegal in the same sentence as amnesty. One of my greatest pet peeves is the shifting language of this debate -- undocumented -- regularization -- etc. ad nauseum.

The reason for these lies, and they are lies, is that those trying to sell us nation killing amnesty know beyond the shadow of a doubt that Americans don't like illegal immigration and hate amnesty with a white hot hatred, at least enough do to make their lives miserable.

So I give Hannitized that much honor, though I find his position reprehensible, it is an articulated position, well, other than the 'hatespeech' and 'racism' name calling. I fault no man for holding a position even if I loathe that position with all my heart so long as they articulate it and stand by it.

Hannitized does that.

now back to this nonsensical piece. Note that it's not enough that we provide free, taxpayer financed health care to those in the country illegally, nope, now we have to consider them fellow citizens or suffer the slings of being called racists or haters.

If it is racist to insist on the proper definition of American citizen then by god sign me up for the reeducation camp! What constitutes American citizenship is a matter of extremely well established law and I'll be damned if I'll allow some weasel from a union to redefine American citizenship in such a way as to provide his organization with more dues paying members.

It becomes more and more vital that these folks understand that at some point people really will pick up shooting irons and make the point a different way. There are some things that are not negotiable, the existence of this nation is one for me, how about you?

Illegal immigrants are by very definition most emphatically not citizens, and though they might find their status adjusted I will never, ever treat them as a true fellow citizen. To me, you can never be a true American if your first act is coming here illegally.

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