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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Update On That Thing That Most Definitely Isn't Happening!

Update: Title fixed, as they say spell check can't fix stupid!

Source: WND
While the Bush administration insists the controversial Security and Prosperity Partnership is just a dialogue with Canada and Mexico, a State Department cable released to WND shows Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez pressing to implement major trilateral initiatives to help “capture the vision of North American integration.”

The cable was among some 150 pages of State Department SPP documents recently released to WND under a Freedom of Information Act request.

Howard Phillips, who has formed a coalition to block development of a “North American Union” and formation of NAFTA superhighways, told WND the document “makes clear that the agenda of SPP is to pursue major economic integration that redefines U.S. businesses into a ‘North American’ definition.”
Nope, clearly no one is interested in this, move along folks.

H/T immigration watchdog

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