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Friday, March 23, 2007

Leaking bags of stool...

Not surprisingly, The STRIVE legislation, or rather the posted summaries of the highlights of that particular piece of garbage, is clearly designed to benefit the illegal aliens. That’s to be expected.

But I find one item, the Improving Security South of the Border item which:

“Requires the U.S., Mexican and Canadian governments to work together to establish a program relating to the needs of countries of central America and requires the U.S. government to cooperate with the Central American government officials on issues related to violent criminal aliens, gang activities (including tracking gangs) and law enforcement assistance, among other things.” particularly revealing.

Besides the obvious question of why the respective governments of the US, Canada and Mexico have to meet the needs of Central American dumps (wasn’t CAFTA enough to meet their never ending “needs”?), there’s this US, Canada, Mexico thing. This would seem to be an innocuous baby step toward legitimization of the NAU wouldn’t it?

There’s also the “Working With Mexico” crap that “requires the US to work with Mexico to address border security, human trafficking, drug trafficking, gang activity, violence against women in the US and Mexico, etc” and the “DOS (Department of State) will work with the Mexican Government to educate citizens and nationals of Mexico about eligibility requirements under the US immigration laws to ensure that such individuals are not exploited while working in the United States; and also to encourage circular migration, including assistance with jobs and economic development for nationals and citizens of Mexico.”

Violence against women in the US? Does that mean the violence committed by Mexican illegals against American women and children, or violence committed by Mexican illegals against female Mexican illegal in the US or what?

And we have to educate Mexicans citizens so as to ensure we don’t take advantage of them as they swarm our borders?

As for the jobs and the economic development we simply must give mexico, well that’s right out of the Robert Pastor’s ‘Toward a North American Union’ isn’t it?

How stupid and gutless do these swine think we are?

And by the by, on March 15th Guteirrez submitted HR1557, a bill of relief for Elvira Arellano, that already deported once, social security fraud trollop holed up in a Marxist church in Chicago.

Read the text of the summaries of this Flake-Gutierrez garbage and then ask yourselves why no grassroots, anti illegal alien groups in Illinois are standing in front of Guteirrez’s congressional offices at 3455 W. North Avenue, or Arellanos fake church with pitchforks and torches.

These Congress people are disgusting.

Have a nice weekend.


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