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Friday, March 23, 2007

Come Again?

Source: cumberlink
Public benefits would be restricted and police would check citizenship of suspects under the law.

House Republicans are taking another stab at cracking down on illegal immigrants living and working in Pennsylvania.

The package of bills announced Wednesday would deny all non-medical emergency public benefits to illegal aliens, penalize businesses hiring undocumented workers and require police officers to check the citizenship of all suspects.

“We need to slam the back door on illegal immigration so we can keep the front door for legal immigration open,” said Charlie Gerow of Hampden Township, a political activist. “If we continue to allow the influx of illegal immigrants... it puts the American Dream in jeopardy.”
Makes sense, right? Now, hang on to your comes the highly edumacated professor to splain' it to us, ready?
If passed, the immigration reform bills will “make (immigrants) less comfortable and drive them to other states,” said Matthew Woessner, assistant professor of public policy. “The basic strategy is just to cut off all viable opportunities” for illegals to live a comfortable life here.
Why yes, yes it is you monkey faced asshat!

Again, and bear with me I know this grows tedious, can someone explain to me the requirement we are under to allow ILLEGAL ALIENS a comfortable existence here?

You'll note that our esteemed professor has done it again, If he had a brimming bowl of Brainios for breakfast he should have known to play the "Hispanic" card instead of the illegal card, but this also demonstrates how brazen this attitude is becoming.

As I said earlier, yep, Hispanics are going to have to face some discomforts as we remove the legion of illegal immigrants from their neck of the woods, I don't deny that. However, to suggest that illegal immigrants have a "right" to a "comfortable life" in the United States?

Good thing this joker has tenure, as he clearly doesn't have the brain power necessary to make it in any competitive field in the real world.

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