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Friday, March 23, 2007

Hazelton: A Trail Of Blood?

Source: Standard Speaker
City man stabbed during run-in with group of teens

A Hazleton man was assaulted by several teens apparently on their way home from school Thursday, city police said.
Police are investigating an assault involving weapons — witnesses called it a stabbing — in the area of Fourth and Lincoln streets Thursday.
According to Hazleton police, 23-year-old Craig Mason of Hazleton was assaulted by several Hispanic males.
Mason was treated at Hazleton General Hospital for his injuries, police said.
A witness at the scene said 17 or 18 Hispanic teens believed to be on their way home from school were involved in the assault on Mason, who was driving south on Lincoln Street at the time.
According to another person who witnessed the confrontation, Mason tried to drive down Lincoln Street but was blocked as the large group of teens refused to move off the street to allow the car to go by.
The witness said the male driver got out of his car and said something to the group.
The group moved toward the man all at once and started swinging and kicking the man, according to the witness.
One witness thought the victim was stabbed, but Hazleton police did not confirm that. They are calling it an assault.
A trail of blood could be seen on Lincoln Street between Fourth and Fifth streets.
A few Lincoln Street residents said a large group of Hispanic teens walks straight up Lincoln Street almost every day after school lets out and refuses to move when cars approach.
In fact, one resident said the group almost caused an accident recently when the teens did not move and two cars nearly collided going around them.
What "changes to the community?"

Tell you what, can't think of a nicer group of punks to get run over!

H/T Digger who has the Hazelton trial round up today

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