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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Don't Worry, Be Gay Happy

Source: WND
An Illinois high school student is in federal court seeking the right to wear T-shirts that declare sentiments such as "Be happy, not gay."

Heidi Zamecnik, of the Chicago suburb Naperville, wants to wear the shirt at school the day after the "Day of Silence," a nationwide observance April 19 to protest harassment of homosexuals in schools, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.


The "Day of Silence," according to its website, calls for teachers and students to observe the day quietly "to echo'' the silence homosexual students face all the time. Students commonly wear "pro-gay" shirts that day.

According to the lawsuit filed on behalf of Zamecnik and a freshman student, the "Day of Silence" "encourages students to show visible support for homosexual lifestyle by refusing to speak during the school day, while conveying written messages in the form of T-shirts, buttons, and stickers, all of which promote homosexual behavior."
Why is it OK to wear a t-shirt that supports or promotes the gay lifestyle, but not one against it? It would be one thing if the shirt said "kill faggots slowly and painfully," but "be happy, not gay?" A better solution, IMHO? Let's just get all the kids in uniforms. Let them express themselves outside of the school environment. I really would cut back on a whole list of problems within the student, sexual and economic, to name the obvious.

Isn't it discriminatory to ban one message while having a whole day devoted to and celebrating the opposite?

According to the official Day of Silence website...
The Day of Silence is an annual event held to commemorate and protest anti-LGBT bullying, harassment and discrimination in schools.
I guess it's only bad to discriminate against homosexual students, but discriminating against those who disagree with the message being imposed on entire schools is perfectly acceptable?

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