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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ahem, Feministas?

A MAN who ripped out his wife's eyes in a fit of rage was sentenced by a French court to 30 years behind bars today.

Mohamed Hadfi, 31, tore out his 23-year-old wife Samira Bari's eyes following a heated argument in their apartment in the southern French city of Nimes in July 2003 after she refused to have sex with him.

Ms Bari, who had demanded a divorce before the attack, was permanently blinded. *snip*

"This is the result of a marriage that was arranged, not chosen," he said, pointing to the gulf separating his client, who came from southern Morocco, and his young wife, who had grown up in France.

Mr Cabanes begged the jury for leniency, claiming his client's action "appeared to stem from a mental illness."
Odd isn't it, how every time a Muslim behaves like a savage it's because of a "mental illness?"

Oh, I wonder how that whole "import savages" thing has been working out in France? Anybody know any details?

And where are the feminists? Those brave, brave gals who speak out with such passion and vigor against things that really do seem to pale in comparison to things like this.

H/T Ace

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