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Thursday, March 22, 2007

I Disconcur!

Source: azcentral
Memo: Illegal immigrants in Texas must have 6 arrests before feds prosecute

Guidelines issued by U.S. attorneys in Texas showed that most illegal immigrants crossing into the state had to be arrested at least six times before federal authorities would prosecute them, according to an internal Justice Department memo. The disclosure provides a rare view of how federal authorities attempt to curb illegal immigration. The memo was released this week in response to a congressional investigation of the dismissals of eight U.S. attorneys. The Border Patrol makes more than 1 million arrests a year on the U.S.-Mexico border. T.J. Bonner, head of a union representing Border Patrol agents, said it's unrealistic to prosecute all violators. "Let's be honest, there isn't enough jail space to incarcerate everyone who crosses that border," said Bonner, president of the National Border Patrol Council.
I disagree Mr. Bonner, not that I think we should put illegal immigrants in jail, that would simply be one more expense accrued to the massive and building tab illegal aliens have amassed in this country.

Nope, this is more in line with making the punishment fit the crime. I think every time an illegal immigrant is caught attempting to cross the border illegally they should spend one week on a 'clean up' detail removing the endless piles of crap they are fouling our border with.

Here is what an "illegal alien lay up site" looks like...

They're pretty nasty. Now, what could be more fair than those who make the mess clean it up?

When I mentioned once that we had lived at the border and seen these first hand, Hannitized, after drinking a Slurpee to quickly and getting a brain freeze, demanded to know why I didn't immediately resign my position at the ranch and dedicate my life to cleaning up these areas.

Uh, doofus? Perhaps cuz I didn't make the mess? Again, there is nothing unfair about asking those who make the mess, to clean it the hell up!

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