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Friday, March 23, 2007

Hazelton Polling!

This just in from The Center For Immigration Studies. Susquehanna Polling conducted a public opinion poll on people's attitude toward the proposed Hazelton ordinance...
Q4. What one single method do you think can be most effective stemming the flow of illegal immigrants into the country – imposing penalties for businesses and landlords who knowingly hire or harbor illegal immigrants, erecting a fence at the border with Mexico, enforcing existing immigration laws with things like more raids on businesses, beefing up border control or something else?

1. Penalties for businesses/landlords 402 40%

2. Fence at the border 76 08%

3. More border control 147 15%

4. Enforcing existing laws/raids 138 14%

5. None/other 181 18%

6. Undecided 53 05%

Q5. Have you recently seen, read or heard anything the last several months either on TV, the radio, in the newspaper or through any other source about the decision by Mayor Lou Barletta of Hazleton, Pennsylvania to become the first city in the nation to enact a comprehensive ordinance supported by city council cracking down on illegal aliens?

1. Yes 29%
2. No 70%
3. Undecided 1%

Q6. The ordinances passed by Hazleton City Council suspend the business licenses of employers who hire illegal aliens, penalize landlords who rent to illegal aliens with fines and make English the official language of the city. Do you support or oppose these new ordinances? (Test Intensity – strongly/somewhat).

Strongly support: 43%
Somewhat support: 24%
Total Support: 67%

Strongly oppose:14%
Somewhat oppose: 10%
Total Oppose: 24%

Q7. Generally speaking, would you support or oppose new ordinances like this in your community?

Strongly support 44%
Somewhat support: 23%
Total Support: 67%

Strongly oppose:16%
Somewhat oppose: 10%
Total Oppose: 26%

Q8. Do you consider yourself to be a Republican, Democrat, Independent or something else?

1. Republican 290 29%

2. Democrat 310 31%

3. Independent/other 370 37%

4. Not registered 10 01%

5. Refuse 20 02%
As always I think it's easy to see how little people care about this issue!

I found question four to be the most interesting, and as usual the people ain't dumb. While I would argue that border enforcement is a critical component, the truth is that stopping illegal immigration at the town/city level is the key to stopping the majority of the problem. Or did you think the ACLU was actually concerned about (snort) civil liberties?

The reason they are excreting painful chunks over these proposed amendments is they know what you should know, they will be amazingly effective.

What is truly amazing about these polls is that the vast majority of these folks only get their information from the "MY GOD WE LOVE MINTY FRESH ILLEGALS!!!!!" Main Stream Media and they still come out in clear majorities for a Hazelton style ordinance, pretty astonishing in my opinion and speaks volumes about the alleged "power" of old media.


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