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Friday, March 23, 2007

New Laws?

Source: fox12news
Controversy Over Anti-Illegal Immigration Flyer Divides BSU Campus

Boise, Idaho-- A controversy over an anti-immigration flyer has divided the BSU campus. The poster describing people crawling through a chain link fence has offended many. It promotes an anti-illegal immigration speech by former Canyon County Commissioner and fellow Republican Robert Vasquez, by advertising activities like a food stamp drawing using false identification documents as raffle tickets. "We believe it was an effective way of advertising the event that it is humorous and at the same time its true," said Jonathan Sawmiller, the president of the BSU Republicans. "In no way did it have anything to do with race or bring hurt to anyone," said Trevor Grigg, a member of the BSU Republicans.
Is it now against the law to "bring hurt to anyone?"

I mean, even if the deliciously eviiiilllll campus Republicans had every intention of hurting people's feelings, is that illegal? Is it even wrong?

Satire depends on hurting people's feelings to make a point. In fact I seem to recall an old axiom that suggests "the truth hurts?"

Ring any bells?

Is there any possibility our society could man up a bit? Or will we be stuck with a legion of delicate Daphne's leading us into the future, scared to death they might "bring hurt to anyone?"

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