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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hispandering, Kennedy Style

Source: PR Newswire (H/T Immigration News Daily)

"Thank you so much for coming to share your insight about the priorities the Senate should address with regards to improving the quality of life of Hispanic Americans. The work that you do is essential in our struggle to make sure the American Dream is available to those who work hard to strengthen their families and communities."

Sen. Ted Kennedy, meeting with leaders of national Hispanic advocacy organizations

Note to Ted: the millions upon millions of illegal aliens you want to "legalize" and "bring out of the shadows" are NOT Hispanic Americans. They are illegal aliens. And granting them amnesty will only hurt, not help, the quality of life of Americans, Hispanic or otherwise.

Do you really think that "adjusting the legal status" of millions of people who came, stayed, live and work here illegally will make life better for Americans? That eroding the very foundation of this country -- law and order, justice -- will make it a better place for Americans, Hispanic or otherwise?

"I come from a family of immigrants myself. I know the struggle and the sacrifices immigrants make to come to a strange land, without knowing the language, without having many friends if at all, but with the hope of having a chance to succeed."

Well, perhaps we could share the immigrant history of our families, Ted, if you'd just stop conflating immigrants with illegal aliens. Legal immigrants, hard workers, American dream? No problem. Defiant, unassimilated, illegal alien trespassers? BIG problem.

Just the opinion of one American citizen who is concerned with the quality of life of
ALL Americans. In case you give a shit.

I'm not holding my breath.

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