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Friday, March 02, 2007

A Sneek Peek Into The Future

Source: telegraph

If folks like Hannitized had their way. England is about a generation ahead of us in the PC wars, and things are getting ugly over there...

Saying 'bloody foreigner' is ruled racist Uk News News Telegraph

Law Lords have ruled that calling someone a "bloody foreigner" and saying "get back to your own country" can amount to racial abuse.

How do we fight bad speech boys and girls? (not that I think this is bad speech mind you, but for the purposes of illustration)

With more speech, not by banning bad speech or 'hate speech', ever.

And how do I show, in my daily life that I believe this? By allowing all manner of speech on this blog, and in this instance I'm not referring to Hannitized. If you went back through the comments you would find slurs and threatening statements made against MJ and I and more, none have been deleted, none ever will, it could be evidence someday! :P

H/T Unabashedly Unhyphenated

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