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Friday, March 02, 2007

Answering Trolls For Fun And Profit!

Beneath this post detailing problems and abuses with guest worker schemes Hannitized left this comment in a hot steaming pile...


Exactly what is your beef with this idea? That Mexicans are going to be ABUSED?

Is that your concern?
Hannitized | 02.28.07 - 9:46 pm | #

Now, I'm going to explain this for my readers, not for Big H as he is merely looking to score points off me, I don't mind this, it's his right to masturbate in our comments section, we only ask that he do so humanely and with sanitation always in mind.

Now, the underlying assumption of his question is that I hate Mexicans. I don't have to be Karnak to know this as he's accused me of this multiple times since he's infected this blog.

Here's the 411. I have absolutely no problems with Mexicans, in Mexico. In fact I'm delighted that the entire country of Mexico is filled with Mexicans, heck I've been there, but here's where I have a problem.

During the Gran Estupido Marches last summer I attended both as a citizen journalist. I took my duties seriously, I took pictures, video and I interviewed people. In the course of my interviews I noticed a disturbing trend among the Hispanics in the crowd, I interviewed one twenty year old gentleman, one Charles Albert (sp?) who spoke to me with a fully American accent and identified himself as "A 100% Mexican."

He went on to say that "The countries going to change, it's in our faces." You can watch the interview here.

Not one Latino that day softened the statement with a "Mexican-American" or "of Mexican descent."

Nope, I'm Mexican. Which is fine, if you live in Mexico. However if you choose to come to this country legally, and I'm guessing Charles was here legally, and you still identify yourself as a 100% anything other than American?

I have a problem with that.

Let's break down what he's saying, shall we?

While I deeply appreciate the opportunities America affords me and my family especially as regards education, work, social mobility, at the end of the day America can piss off as I am no part of this country.

Yeah, several million people with that attitude can only take us to good places, right?

To paraprase the movie Prizzi's Honor: If Mexico is so F'in great? Why aren't you so F'ing there?

Am I asking people of any descent to completely forget their heritage? Nope, I could give a rat's ass about that, but here's what I do most definitely give a rat's ass about: If you are enjoying the benefits of this country and can't even be bothered to pretend to give a shit about her?

Perhaps you really don't need to be here!

As I keep saying, if you want to be "Mexican?" You are in luck, get into your freshly tuned up motor vehicle, head generally South and West, the country sort of acts like a funnel, and you will eventually cross into a dark land of wonders and corruption.

It's called Mexico. But if you want to be in this country, remember, a country you came to by choice, whether legally or illegally, and call yourself a Mexican? My compassion for you just dried up quicker than a glob of spit on a hot sidewalk.

Now, let's return to Charles other statement: "this countries going to change, it's in our faces."

Yes, this is true, but here's where an individual like Hannitized and I diverge, he sees it as some implacable force of nature that we have zero control over, whereas I see it as a planned attempt to change this country into something else, something quite a bit more like ole' Mexico.

Not a place I care to live, howza'bout you? So as we continue to depopulate Mexico to fill the devalued, turned into serf peon jobs that no American ought to take, the ones Hannitized is so proud of, as a proud post American, we also fundamentally change the essence of this country.

Now many folks would argue that essence is white, I do not. But that essence is uniquely American, indefinable yet easily recognized. To me it is not about race but culture, again, the unique American culture, a culture that I love seems to be getting replaced, violently in some cases with the aquiescence, nay, the tacit approval of folks like our president and Hannitized .

As a chef allow me a culinary analogy, when making a soup or stew you first have to decide what your primary flavor will be. Let's say Chicken. We're going to make a chicken soup, now, what else shall we add? How about some mire poix (onions, celery and carrots) and some sage, we'll finish with wild rice as the starch.

Now, as we finish our soup what should be the dominant flavor? The rice? The sage? Or the chicken? The chicken of course. Now, of course this analogy is obvious but necessary, what if we finished the soup and while tasting it all we could discern was rice?

The soup would be destined for a garbage can and after a good yelling at by the chef you would start again.

Well, how does one start a country again if the essential character of the country is lost? You can't dump it in the garbage and start again, so how does one do that?

Without really knowing the history of the first great wave people like Hannitized always seem to wax rhapsodic about how it all worked out in the end. Always forgetting what was required for it all to "work out in the end."

As I said to him in my second rebuttal "Were you under the misapprehension dearest Hannitized that nations happen as a result of happy thoughts and sugary ponies?"

What really happened after the great wave? It's pretty simple, we shut off immigration, we forced people to learn english and become American, we beat and mocked people's old language until they dropped them. Is Hannitized suggesting we do these things today? I think not, I can almost hear the anguished wailings.

What I'm asking for is simple, a large portion of Mexico has moved into this country against the will of the American people and in contravention of her laws, as such let's remove them in whatever way is most efficacious.

I am not calling for a pogram, or the executions of people because they're Mexican, I just want them to return home. If they really see Mexico as home, no problema, adios.

I find it astonishing that because I'm upset about people being here illegally, people who have no right to be here, none, nada, zilch, and I'm asking for them to be removed, as they should have been in the first place, to Hannitized that is the same as herding Jews into Nazi ovens?

Yes, I would like to see Illegal alien criminals face much harsher penalties, here's a hint, I would also like to see American born criminals face much harsher penalties. Yes doofus Hannitized I am just as upset about American criminals, but here is the home truth that your pea brain appears incapable of processing: Of the two, citizen vs. illegal alien, only one can we address preemptively.

Huh! Fancy that! No matter how small a percentage of illegal aliens commit crimes, every one of those crimes is by definition 100% preventable. By definition, it's not even complicated.

Again, because I'm upset about illegal immigration, of which Mexico and other Latin American countries account for an astonishing percentage of the problem, in Hannitized's twisted logic this means that I want to see Mexicans abused?

K? Got that?

Because I would like to see the law enforced and illegal aliens removed from this country, and as an extra added bonus have a loathing of criminal aliens, in Hannitized's puce skied world this translates into a clear cut desire to see Mexicans abused on this side of the border?

The fact that I don't want them here doesn't mean I want to see them injured or hurt pretty boy, just gone, home.

Hannitized keeping America safe for Mexicans!

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