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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Youtube And Free Speech

An odious individual who goes by the handle "DarrylRevok" is attempting to get our Youtube account canceled. What's fascinating to me about a character like DR is that they so blithely advocate suppressing speech they don't like, yet it never seems to occur to them that others may not care for their speech.

Ah, Leftism in all it's unfettered totalitarianism.

He leaves this comment beneath the 022007 blogburst...

Flagged for hatespeech. I'll not allow this on my watch.

Of course we are well aware of this turd, in fact not too long ago actually posted on him after another odious comment...

Subject: haha, ramos got a beatdown
what you think of that

12 more years of that hahahaah

Yep, hard to imagine why most Americans find the left particularly foul, isn't it?

Not to worry though, I spent a very productive afternoon talking with the guy who provides the hosting for the SOS boards, if our account should be pulled by Darryl and his merry band of juvenile F'tards we have better hosting all lined up. And the secret upside is that you'll be able to see the videos in all their uncompressed splendor. The one downside of Youtube is they subject the video to so much compression that unless you utilize very expensive software (we don't) it looks pretty crappy. I'll tell you what, when you see this puppy as I see it? You will be amazed at how good it looks.

I must say though, if the left were so confident about their points of view and arguments would they really seek to suppress speech in this way? Fully half the time when I attempt to interview a leftist jackass they mumble some nonsense about "not appearing very well on Reichwing blogs."

Um, okay, if their ideas only work in certain venues wouldn't it follow that there might be some problems with the ideas themselves? I tend to think that's a 10-4 good buddy, which is the most interesting part to me in all this, what most people overlook, if leftists were really that confident in what they believed they wouldn't seek to crush dissenting opinion.

They incessantly accuse the right of this behavior, yet I think this is simple projection. I have never deleted a comment, changed a comment, banned anyone from this blog, or sought to have anyone removed from Youtube, submitted a negative Digg, so where's this horrible reich wing suppression coming from exactly?

Big H care to back me up on this? Have I in any way changed, deleted or altered any of your comments, ever? Are you banned? Have I not said you are absolutely welcome on this blog no matter how much you make my ass itch?

The only people doing this are the lefties who then, because they are paste eating morons, accuse everyone else of doing the things they are so demonstrably doing.

Head hurt yet? Mine does.

So anyway, long story short, it's pretty clear that the Blogs For Borders concept is a winner. If it's pissing off retarded fourteen year olds like good ole' Darryl we must be doing something right. In fact, this episode was so compelling we squeezed this bizarre statement out of Hannitized's pea brain...

Now let's get back to hanging those Barbie Dolls and enjoying our alternative hell with Mexicanos.

It has all the delicious incoherency we've come to expect from big H uncluttered by that pesky, you know, logic or thought. He's just good that way.

Big H? What does mescaline taste like? I've always been curious about that.

Anywho, just wanted to bring you up to date on what the 'tolerant' left is up to these days, as they keep America safe from, um, something?

Oh yeah, free speech!

As Brian Fleming sez:

If YouTube turns into a war of various interest groups organizing to red-flag expressions of ideas they don't like -- and YouTube's policy is to give in to that pressure automatically whenever it gets high enough -- then YouTube is going to suck. YouTube really needs to fix their complaint system.
Or perhaps this comports with their world view? They don't see a problem as they would do the same thing?

I do find it interesting that both Youtube and Digg are susceptible to this and appear resistant to making any sort of change. As a commenter on LGF or possibly Ace said: why not just go with a purely positive approach and remove the thumbs down stuff which is so easily gamed?

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